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The Benefits to watch Terminator Genisys online

The Benefits to watch Terminator Genisys online

Terminator Genisys is Alan Taylor’s latest movie on the screen and honestly, who wants to miss one of that brilliant director’s movies? Personally, I am a big fan of Alan Taylor and not to forget Arnold Schwarzenegger taking part as well. If that alone isn’t enough reason to take a look at the film, then having it being the fifth installment of the all time popular Terminator series should be. If you are one of those people who prefer to stream movies at home, don’t worry because you can always watch Terminator Genisys online free. It’s even more convenient than…

kick ass

Kick Ass Review

Kick Ass begs the question, “Have comic books really grown up at all?” If this were the only indicator, I would say that they still retain the level of conscious maturity that they started with; only now, they’re trying like hell to convince us they have. Kick Ass isn’t a bad movie. It can be a lot of fun. In fact, it starts out great: our likeable everyteen of a protagonist, Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) gets us acquainted with the world around him without wasting any time – he goes to school, has a few friends, likes a girl, and…

slider dolly

DIY Slider Dolly

Now that we all have shallow DoF capable cameras, the next bandwagon we need to rush to is the slider dolly. What’s a slider dolly? It’s the 21st century version of the skateboard dolly we all used at one point. Generally, the dollies are around 36″ long and composed of two metal rods with end stops and a central tripod mount. A fluid head is connected to a central bar of sorts that is coated with a teflon-like coating which slides smoothly over the bars. Below you can see one in action, a Kessler Pocket Dolly: These units are manufactured…